Who are we?

More than a decade ago the CourierManager software started from a very simple, personal need: I had just started a bike courier company, and needed a software to run in. I have exited from that courier business, but the software lived on. We growed little by little, organically at first, with couple of companies calling without us doing any promotional campaigns.


About 4 years ago we changed gears and decided to channel all our efforts in this product. We  added all the features we felt were missing, made a UI overhaul, and started focusing on sales and expansion.


After becoming market leader locally, this year we decided we can take the next step and started selling to international clients. Now we have happy customers on 3 continents, and we keep going.

Radu Floricica,
Founder & CEO

Courier software that just works!

The perfect modern instrument that helps you organize, control and monitor your activity, providing access to an accurate and correlated database.

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Courier software that just works!