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A decade of experience helping courier companies break their limits and reach their true potential. Welcome to courier software for the 21st century!

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Courier software that just works!

Main Features

We have everything a modern courier company could want from its software solution: take a look at our Features Page for details.

But more than that, we're committed to always improving ourselves with almost weekly updates. You have an idea we haven't though about yet? You're more than welcome to let us know!

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Easy to start

Changing software solutions can be a big hassle. Which is why we offer free support: call us as often as you need. And did we mention you can import all you data from excel files?

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Mobile oriented

Our Android mobile app for couriers runs on anything from cheap smartphones to expensive scanners. You'll be able to track them on the map and check their deliveries real time.

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Runs in the Cloud

The implementation of couriermanager only requires an internet connection - we will host the courier software and make sure your data is always safe.

Software Designed for Courier Companies

If you own an active courier company you already know the issues an inappropriate software can generate. We offer a solution that has been successfully tested by several courier companies, which not only solves all these issues but also provides a competitive advantage on the market through an improvement of the operational sector, as well as by offering completely new services.

CourierManager provides easy access to parcel status and data both for you and your clients and real-time updates from the field with a mobile app.

Manage more Clients and Double the Deliveries with CourierManager

Implementing a complete software solution for your courier company comes with a series of visible benefits in your daily activity.

  • Increased efficiency - you can do more with the same resources, or the same with less resources - the choice is yours
  • Better control - you know in any moment where your packages and employees are.
  • Improved data security - you can decide who can access each piece of data
  • If you work with Cash on Delivery, we’ve got you covered - every penny is accountable until it gets back to your clients
  • All of which translates into competitive advantage for the company

Mobile App for Couriers

CourierManager Mobile App facilitates fast data transmission and perfect correlation between field agents and dispatch. It can also be integrated with portable printers allowing couriers to generate all the papers they need for customers.

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Some of our clients

Best Courier
Sol Air
ROMNET Mesager
Speed Courier
iBuzz HK LTD
Agile Courier
ITS Express
Rudra Marketing
DLI Global Logistics

What Our Clients Say

CourierManager is successfully implemented at over 100 clients across 5 countries
CourierManager is the perfect software solution for my courier business. Starting with introducing AWBs, updating the status of a delivery, invoices’ generation, the possibility to import/export data from the program - CourierManager has made my company’s and my employees’ activity much easier and more efficient. I find the alerts regarding events for vehicles very useful. I used to be very stressed and concerned about expiration terms for papers. Thank you CourierManager for making my life easier!
Mihai Iulian
CEO at Hermes Curier
The working times have significantly improved […] Before implementing CourierManager software we used to finish work around 8- 9 pm, now it’s 6 pm and people left home 30 minutes ago.
Gabriel Filipoiu
CEO at Best Letter Curier